Costa Rica

December in the South is pretty much fantastic.  Let’s just say that it was 58 degrees this morning and it’s probably going to get up somewhere in the mid-sixties later today.  Conclusion: Mild and balmy hoodie weather.  That’s right…fantastic.  I’m pretty sure appreciating the fantastic weather this morning has been the only thing getting me through waking up for an 8 am exam.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that my boyfriend and most other people on the planet have to get up earlier than I do every day, but I’m starting to think that 9 is the earliest it is ever going to happen for me.  Period.

I have to say though, getting up this morning would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t stayed up way too late last night not studying but reading the book I just bought on living abroad in Costa Rica.  Speaking of great weather, Costa is pretty much just 70 to 80 year round depending on the altitude you’re at.  Conclusion: perfection.  Anyway, this book seems to be the ultimate guide to all the nitty gritty stuff I might need to know about living in Costa.  It even chronicles budget plans depending on your job, how to find a job, and where to live.  All of this plus my burgeoning TEFL certification is starting to make living in Costa look pretty good if I do say myself.

Speaking of TEFL, good news!  I got a perfect score on module one.  I’m not bragging, I promise, I’m just super excited that the information makes sense.  More than that, the lessons I’ve gone through have been thoroughly helpful not only in learning how to teach to an ESL/EFL class but also in learning more about how to deal with people.  For example, I learned about how to give clear, concise instructions and elicit information from students.  That would be helpful not only as a teacher but also as a supervisor.  This is definitely worth the time and money!