A Month Sans Facebook

When I originally deactivated my Facebook account, I did it because I was literally spending way too much time on it.  Being the senior that I am, I would write on a paper for about five minutes and then take a fifteen minute Facebook break.  Repeat.  So, I deleted my Facebook and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

That said, I DO NOT think that Facebook is poisonous or severely deleterious to mental health, or ANYTHING like that.  I did, however, find the whole experience very freeing.  I didn’t feel tied up in the desire to check and see what had happened in someone else’s life in the five minutes I wasn’t connected.  And I think that even though I’m now back on Facebook, my habits will not be the same as before.  I am now a changed person.  Facebook is a beneficial social connector, but it does not replace life or social interactions.  Now that I am back on Facebook, I feel that I can finally use it appropriately.  Three cheers for successfully discovering the real joys of social networking!