About the Chatterbox

Cymraeg: Ystafell Ddarllen Llyfrgell y Gyngres...

I dream of archives...

My life is in transition a lot but one thing never changes: I love to talk.  I’ve been overly chatty for as long as I can remember.  It’s not without its consequences: I’ve made my mom forget to bake her pie crusts and driven my professor grandfather to distraction when I was only 4.  I’ve got quite the track record.  Either way, I do love to talk so this is my official outlet.

English: Chatterbox Rag, 1910 Français : Chatt...

Vintage Chatterbox....we haven't changed much.

I love libraries because they are full of helpful people and information. I like to be in shape, but I have trouble staying on a gym regimen so I much prefer to play sports: ie, wallyball, volleyball, or soccer.  I really enjoy speaking Spanish, so I’m trying to get better and better.  I love to cook and try new things but more often than not my new attempts turn out failures.  But it’s ok, because the next time they turn out brilliant.  I am in a committed relationship with my boyfriend of over a year, and I love to talk his ear off.  I also enjoy clothes and nails.  Before ANYONE asks, no I do NOT have a pinterest account.

Little Miss Chatterbox, 1984

That's right, this is me.

By nature, I would probably just curl up on the couch every day with a book and chill.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out as planned, and I’m glad for it.  If I ACTUALLY did that every day, I would lead a very boring and tiresome life.  Instead, I enjoy getting out and playing soccer and wallyball among other things.  I like to meet new people, even if it does take me a minute to get warmed up to people.  Soon enough though I’m jabbering away, and my new acquaintance is left wondering where quiet shy me went.

I love to travel.  I think that combining travel with new experiences and good friends can be one of the most rewarding things on the planet.  I don’t even have to travel far to be satisfied.  To me, a trip to Charleston, SC or Milford, NH can be just as exciting and entertaining as a trip to Thailand if I play my cards right.

Biking around Charleston with the lovely Jane (not pictured sadly enough).

All said, I love to stay busy and try new things.  Even when it’s a flop, I still manage to have fun.  But just for that, I’d say then that no experience is really a flop if it’s a good time all the same!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!


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