Today is Thanksgiving, and my Thanksgiving break has maybe been a little more dramatic than I would like.  Regardless of whatever else is happening though, there are a few things that for which I will always be thankful.

  1. A relationship with God.  This is what has led me to be thankful for everything else in my life.
  2. The unconditional love of my fiancee and best friend Ben King.  No matter what, he’s rooting for me, picking me up when I fall down, talking me through my ups and downs, pushing me a little farther, holding me close when I need comfort, and giving me a new adventure each day.
  3. The true friendship I enjoy with three very special ladies: Jane Martyn, Anya Abashian, and Rebecca McDaniel.  These three women are each special to me in different ways but they see me and understand me for who I am, even when I’m being a brat.
  4. The fellowship I enjoy with Howard and Donya McLeod and their children Katie and Max.  They have welcomed me with open arms and watched me transform during my time in Chapel Hill.  Their family means more to me than they will ever know.
  5. The always cuddling, purring, grooming, snuggling love of my fur children: Pippa and Louis.  Their love is so simple but so heartwarming.  They are my own little family.
  6. Finally, with the prospect of being repetitious, I a


    m so so so thankful that God has provided for me in every way.

Below are some pictures of those for which I’m thankful.


Anya in Ann Arbor, MI. Miss her!

The lovely and fun Becca.

Howard, Donya, Max, and Katie McLeod in Belize the Spring of 2011.

Ben and I in Carrboro, NC.

Jane and I in Charleston before eating at Poogan’s Porch in October of 2011.


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