Welcome to my new world.  In my new life, which began almost a week and a half ago, I became the very proud owner of Pippa: a one year old brown/grey tabby with the look of a mouser about her.  And she doesn’t just look like a mouser.  See that pink thing in the bottom right hand corner of the picture?  That’s one of the pink feathers of one of her toys.  That one is pretty much destroyed by now.

When Pippa first arrived at my apartment, she was almost unbearably shy.  When her foster mom left, she immediately retreated under the ottoman.  So there Ben and I were with our cheeks to the floor trying to coax out an extremely frightened cat.  Now, she’s gotten much more used to us.  After Ben figured out that maybe the whole apartment was too much for her, we looked up a little information about adapting a cat to it’s new environment. Hint: give them a little of their own space.  So we installed her in my extra bedroom since I have no roommate.  Having gotten used to that, she now comes out and plays every night when I get home and Ben comes over.  Then when Ben goes away and I get in bed, here she comes ready to play some more.  Her new favorite game to keep me awake all night is to drag her toys into my room and hop up on the bed with them.  It’s a funny mixture between cute and scary to wake up with a cat sitting on your chest staring at you while she has a feather toy hanging out of her mouth.

As for her name, yes, she is named after famous sister-to-the-princess Pippa.  Evidently, she and her litter were found the day of the Royal Wedding last year.  And I must say, she is quite the elegant kitty.

Also very inquisitive, Pippa seems to put real meaning into curiosity killed the cat.  She’s already attacked the sewing machine and the printer (while working).  I’m also pretty sure that if I ever actually opened my window she might fall out of it trying to get to the birds she’s been stalking from the sill!


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